Milk Frothing Jug Cleaner Red

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109 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه


Milk frother cleaner in red color, the depth of coffee store provides you with the best milk jug cleaner - specially designed to be used in areas that suffer from water hardness so that you can enjoy a refined and clean taste. Hurry up and buy it now before the available quantity runs out.

Milk Frother Cleaner Specifications

  • Detergent Brand: Cafetto
  • Detergent colour: red
  • For cleaning milk and foam jugs of coffee machines
  • Weekly Liquid Cleanser

Features of milk frother cleaner

  • Milk leaves deep traces in the bowl, which takes a lot of time to be cleaned properly, so we have provided you with a high quality and unparalleled effectiveness in cleaning the milk whisk and foam bowl.
  • As the detergent cleans the bowl deeply and makes it free of impurities and dirt because it erases all residues and leaks of the milk whisk.
  • The liquid does not harm health and does not mix with the taste of milk at all, as it has been declared that it is not harmful to health.
  • The detergent does not remain cohesive in the pot and you wash it with ease and does not leave any residue.
  • Manufactured from safe and sound materials that cannot endanger your health or the health of your children.

How to use the detergent

  • First, wash the bowl with water only to remove anything on its surface
  • Then put a little liquid inside the bowl and massage it well from the inside with the washing fiber, then wash it well with water and leave it to dry.

  • 109 SAR

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