Kafk Funnel (2-4) - Blue

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Kafk Funnel (2-4) - Blue

In order to be able to make a distinctive cup of coffee, there are some tools that you must have, so that the distinctive taste of the coffee is complete with you, and the most important of these tools is the filtering funnel, which is considered one of the important and distinctive pieces, through which the coffee is filtered to obtain pure coffee, When choosing, the color must also be considered, as it is the first thing that attracts the eye, and therefore we will offer you the best types of fabrics of high quality and efficiency, and the distinctive color, which is a blue Kafk funnel that combines efficiency and attractive shape.

Specifications :

  • The kafk funnel has an attractive and distinctive blue color.
  • The funnel parts are all made of pure ceramic.
  • Slot under the funnel as well as a protrusion protruding from the bottom slot.

Features :

  • The material in the funnel is completely safe to use in drinks, so you can drink the drink safely, and in high health.
  • It helps to produce a drink that is beneficial to health, free of impurities and beneficial to the skin.
  • The color of the kafk funnel is distinctive and exquisite, attracting attention just by looking at it.
  • The funnel does not require constant maintenance, just wiping the funnel maintains it, as it is easy to use and clean.
  • The Kafk filter funnel keeps the coffee hot, so you can drink the cup of coffee without having to heat it up again after filtering, and frothy.
  • The funnel does not reduce the heat of the coffee drink during the distillation process.
  • The wall of the funnel is thick, which helps not to be broken when hot water is poured into it, and it also helps to reduce the disc of its exposure to breakage if it falls from a high place.
  • Easy to carry with other coffee tools.
  • A funnel free from industrial and performance defects.
  • Made with high precision and excellent quality.
  • It works on distilling coffee in a healthy way free from industrial materials, or unhealthy additives on the human body.

How to use:

The Kafk blue funnel is used in a simple and easy way, which is through:

  • Place the coffee on top of the filter paper that is the right size for the filter funnel.
  • Then hot water is poured over the coffee to extract the desired amount of the distilled coffee intended for drinking.
  • Leave for a while until all the coffee flavor drops into the funnel.
  • The mask is washed with water only, and can be used repeatedly.

  • 132 SAR

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