Ethiopia Adula - quarter of a kilo

Ethiopia Adula - quarter of a kilo

47 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

Ethiopia Adula - quarter of a kilo

Ethiopia Adula

Region: Chuji

Processing: dried

Breed: Heirloom

Strawberry, cherry, lemon

Coffee lovers around the world are aware that joji, a coffee region, differs significantly from its neighboring regions, Sidamo and Yergachevi. The joji region was previously classified as a sub-region of Sidamo but has proven to be distinct and has earned a reputation for its unique flavor profiles.

The Choji region in southern Oromia, Ethiopia The Choji is named after an Oromo tribe whose inhabitants are distinguished by their agricultural pastoral lifestyle. According to population projections from 2007, the total population of the Choji Oromo is more than 5 million.

The Goji have lived in their lands for centuries and Choji is considered the ancestral cradle of the Oromo culture.

This coffee is a suitable option:

Black coffee makers.

Espresso machines.

Ethiopia Adula-Kilo

  • 47 SAR
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مناسبه للفتره الصباحيه 👍
قهوة عُمق 1 week ago
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