Brazil Campo Limbo-Kilo

117 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه


Area: Chapada de Minas

Processing: dried

Breed: Yellow Catway

Nuts, chocolate, orange peel.

A passion that begins at the age of 19, from a trip to northern Brazil accompanied by his father, to get to know Ricardo who walked in his father's footsteps after returning from the rolling hills of the coffee trees, Ricardo decided not to continue his work as an economist and then devoted himself entirely to buying and selling Benfi beans in Minas Gerais, he always was Ricardo dreamed of owning and running a coffee plantation, and after years of working in the coffee business, he acquired Fazenda Primavera.

What is Fazenda Primavera?

- It is the farm that has been innovated and piloted (Elia Coffee) for more than four years. In 2016, Brazilian Globe Rural magazine named Fazenda Primavera the third most sustainable farm in Brazil. Leonardo Tavares, Agricultural Director of Primavera, identified the three essential elements of farm sustainability: Water recycling for renewable energy, natural fertilizer from coffee pulp which is compost, and mahogany trees intertwined as shade.

Primavera has been producing coffee for nearly nine years. During this time Leonardo and the farming team visited many farms all over Brazil, asking questions and starting conversations about why things are done in certain ways, and recording all the different answers. Putting this puzzle together piece by piece, Primavera has identified best practices for managing the farm as sustainably as possible, and built standards on them.

This coffee is a suitable option:

Black coffee makers.

Espresso machines.

250 grams

  • 117 SAR

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