Hario Electric Grinder V60

995 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

The coffee grinder is a very important tool in the preparation of coffee, especially the drip coffee. The grinder produces a large amount of coffee that is enough to prepare a large amount of filter coffee, and it also ensures that you get fresh coffee at any time.

Hario V60 Electric Grinder Specifications:

*The Hario grinder has 44 grinding degrees.

*Black coffee grinder.

*Grinder designed to grind directly into the V60 tool.

* Hario grinder has the ability to grind 3 grams per second.

* Large capacity of the Hario grinder.

*Capacity of the coffee bean bowl is 240g.

*The coffee grinder has stainless steel conical blades.

Features of Hario V60 Electric Grinder:

Hario coffee grinder.

Excellent grinding of coffee beans without crushing them.

* The outer wall of the mill is strong.

*The blades do not rust or corrode.

* Long life Hario grinder.

* Easy to use Hario grinder.

* Control the extent of grinding coffee beans.

Attractive exterior coffee grinder.

The capacity of the coffee bean bowl is suitable for large quantities.

* Rapid coffee production.

* Control the amount of ground coffee.

How to use the Hario V60 Electric Grinder:

Hario coffee grinder is used by placing the coffee beans at the top of the grinder and then pressing the control button to grind the beans, so the coffee powder comes out from the front bump and falls into the bowl below it easily without the need for tools to remove it from the grinder.

Hario V60 Electric Grinder Contents:

* Coffee grinder base.

* Part designated to put the filter container in it.

* Grind control tool next to the machine.

* A large upper part, in which coffee beans are placed.

  • 995 SAR
زائر 1 month ago
صناعة الآلة
قهوة عُمق 3 weeks ago
صنعت في الصين
زائر 3 months ago
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته هل تعمل هذه المطحنة علي 220 فولت وشكرا
قهوة عُمق 3 months ago
وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته اي نعم، تعمل على220فولت العفو نورتنا 🙏🏼❤️
زائر 3 months ago
هل طحنها نفس طحن براتزا فورتيه ؟ وهل فيها تحديد كمية الاكواب
قهوة عُمق 3 months ago
هي من الطواحين التي يعتبر طحنها ممتاز خصوصا للتقطير، لكن مقارنة بالفورتيه فلا يوجد بها تحديد كمية

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