Thermal Cape - Black

115 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

One of the most important types of cups that should be available with every person who works and goes out a lot, which is a thermal cup so that you can have your favorite drink at any time.

Specifications of Thermal Cape:

* Thermal Cape Cup capacity is 12 ounces.

*The color of the cape cup is black.

*Black cape cap.

* The inner wall of the cup is made of stainless steel.

* Top slot in the lid.

Features of Thermal Cape:

* The weight of the thermal cap is light.

* High efficiency thermal cap.

*The glossiness of the inner and outer cup remains the same.

* The smell of the cup is not affected by the smell of any drink, no matter how strong.

*Thermal cap is safe for health.

The aroma of the drink inside the cup does not change.

* The color of the black cup is distinctive.

* Thermal cap that prevents leakage or drip.

* Thermal cape cap is tightly closed.

*Protect the heat of the drink for a long time.

How to use the thermal cape:

The thermal cap opens from the lid on the top of the cup and pours the drink you want to drink, then the lid is closed again and the cup is carried with you anywhere you want.

The contents of the thermal cape cup:

Thermal cape consists of two important and basic parts, namely the cape cup and the cup lid.

  • 115 SAR
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