Preparation method (Aeropress)

Aeropress coffee tamper

Aeropress is a tool used to brew coffee by pressing, invented by Aerobay CEO Allan Adair in 2005. To make coffee with this tool, the coffee must be steeped for 10-50 seconds, then the plunger is pressed to extract the coffee.

grinding degree:

Coarse-grade espresso.


- High filtration of turbidity and allow the essential oils to permeate your cup.

- Where the flavor is extracted with appropriate excellence.

Preparation method (Aeropress)

Necessary tools:

grinder, kettle, scale


15 grams of coffee to 225 grams of water, and the preparation time is 2 minutes, if you have the Oncor Barzata: Grind mode (8) is a suitable starting point.


  • Boil the water.
  • Put the filter in place in the aeropress cap.
  • Wet the filter by passing water through it. This helps in obtaining clear flavors in the cup that are not affected by the flavor of paper.
  • Grind the coffee finely.
  • Turn the aeropress over and put the coffee grounds on the bottom of the cylinder (on the drum).
  • Start pouring the water when it reaches 90 ° C (2 minutes after boiling).
  • Start by pouring 50g of water slowly, stir the coffee several times and then start the timer.
  • After that, pour the remaining amount of water required (175 g = yield 225) relatively slowly and stir the coffee through the pouring process, then cover the aeropress and let the coffee steep until the time reaches a minute and a half.
  • Then open the cap and make three moves, and then cover again and make sure that the coffee is completely compressed so that there is no air inside the cylinder.
  • Turn the cylinder over and start pressing for thirty seconds after making sure that there is no coffee stuck on the roof of the aeropress.
  • Clean the aeropress by discarding the pressed coffee and rinsing with a little water.

Drink and enjoy, and if the coffee is heavy, increase the coarseness of the grind or reduce the preparation time and vice versa if it is light.