Cafeto Mill Cleaner 450 gm

132 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

Maintaining the taste and aroma of coffee is very important, especially for those who use the manual grinder, because they are especially interested in obtaining a fresh and clean drink, so they must use the coffee grinder cleaner.

Specifications of Cafeto Mill Cleaner:

*Cavito cleaner plastic bottle.

*The detergent cap is made of plastic.

*Cafeto grinder cleaner capacity 450g.

Features of Cafeto Mill Cleaner:

*The effectiveness of Cavito mill cleaner is high.

*The plastic package does not change the smell of the cleaner inside.

*Does not alter the sweet taste of coffee.

* The cleaner does not contain any harmful substances.

*Free from harmful gluten.

* Removes impurities and oils left by coffee.

* High preservation of the internal parts of the grinder.

*Does not damage any part of the grinder.

*Cavito Cleanser prevents mineral deposits.

* Removes coffee residues in the most difficult places from the grinder.

*Original cleaner for coffee bean grinders.

*Cafeto grinder cleaner, airtight.

* Cleans all burrs and small places in the grinder.

How to use Cafeto mill cleaner:

Put a little coffee grinder cleaner inside the grinder, clean the grinder well, and then use it again to grind new coffee beans without affecting the taste of the coffee.

Contents of Cafeto Mill Cleaner:

Cafeto mill cleaner contains mill cleaning powder inside a plastic package, and this package has a plastic cover that is also used to close the package well to keep the cleaning powder inside from being mixed with something objectionable.

  • 132 SAR

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